Prague - The weird "New Year Firework" at 6pm

The story seems like a comedy, but it also (a bit) makes sense. Last year, I decided to celebrate the New Year Eve in Prague because other places are crowded and expensive on holiday. Czech Republic is considered a cheap but reasonable option in Europe.
What was a quite surprise is that when I read the news, the city decided to fire fireworks to celebrate the New Year at 6pm… on the next day :)) The reason behind was that it could help the both young and old folks could see it. So on New Year's Eve, they let everyone fire the firework on their own, whoever likes to shoot, shoot.

At first, I thought that New Year's Eve would have flattened out a couple of firecrackers, but no, people were still racing to fire the firework happily. I stayed at a hostel right next to Charles Bridge, and around 11:30pm I wore a warm coat, flip-flops and went down the bridge to watch fireworks.
At the New Year's Eve, fireworks were splattered from all sides of the city, the crowd was bustling, crowded with their feet to take pictures and drink beer to greet each other on the bridge excitedly.
Because I forgot to bring a camera tripod, I never figured out that the bridge wall was able to expose it to some kind of this. The scene of fireworks exploding on the roofs of the church looked very different.
The firework were everywhere for about an hour, then slowly, at about 2am, most of the people walked home, and I went back to the bedroom.
In the evening of the 1st, I managed to see the official fireworks with music in about 15-20 minutes. It's just the feeling of watching New Year's fireworks at 6pm it's so weird :))

- Should go to Charles Bridge to watch the fireworks on New Year's Eve, although it is a bit crowded and difficult to squeeze, but if you stay at the foot of the bridge, it will be much more comfortable. Hostel prices are not too expensive, and most importantly, when people do not know where to go to the toilet, we just have to run to the house to finish.
- Should bring a tripod if you want to do some exposure photos
- Travel in Prague is quite convenient, and cheap. Going to the airport Uber is also a good option.
- The fireworks starts at 6pm on January 1 at Letna park (near Cechuv bridge most). The best spot is on the right side of the bridge, right in front of President Hotel Prague. Come about 2 hours early to keep the place next to the railing, later, wait a little behind people.