A Complete Packing List for Traveling to Europe (2/2)

Keep reading this complete packing list for traveling in Europe!


Packing List Traveling to Europe

13. Camera and Camera Charger

If you forget these things, you'll regret it forever. Are you looking for a new travel camera,  check out our favorite travel cameras for under £900. Nowadays though, your smartphone has a good-quality camera that is enough to capture great shots so if you're trying to carry less, then ditch the camera. Don't forget your camera charger! Ensure you have a spare memory card on you if needed.

14. EU Adapters

Remember to carry your EU adapters! You totally can buy one at the airport but of course, they can be a bit expensive. You can find one on Amazon, a two-pack of EU Adapters is just £4.39. Two adapters are enough for your travels so you can use them to charge your laptop, phone, camera, hair appliances, and so on.

15. Phone Charger, Portable Phone Charger

We all know the feeling when our phone runs out of battery while we're on the road. Remember to bring with yourself a portable phone charger so that you can give your phone some charge on the go. You don't want to have your useless phone when you're lost in the city or miss out on amazing photo opportunities. One of the affordable portable phone chargers that you should try is the Anker PowerCore 10000 Redux, a small power bank that never lets us down.

16. Waterproof Mac

A waterproof mac with a hood will be your savior during your long trip. The weather is unpredictable around Europe, so be prepared with waterproof layers if you're going to places that are prone to rain. Try and find a lightweight mac that's simple to pack (a pack-a-mac is always a good shout and you can buy them really cheap on Amazon or Primark).


17. Passport

The most important thing to pack for every travel is your passport. You won't get very far without it. If you're traveling around Europe as an EU citizen, sometimes you just need to bring your ID/Driver's license to travel. However, this often depends on your airline so we recommend keeping your passport on you at all times, just in case. Before you travel, make sure your passport is valid too. It's always better to have at least six months on your passport before it expires. Keep in mind to always check your expiry date in good time so you can order a new one and be ready before the trip comes.

Packing List Traveling to Europe

18. Euros

Don't forget your euros! We'd recommend finding a local currency exchange with high rates rather than changing your cash at the airport where it's more expensive. Don't know how many euros to bring? Make a note of how much cash you'd need for each day and work from there.

19. Mobile Phone, Spare Cheap Phone for Emergencies

If you don't want to bring your usual smartphone, buy a cheap one for your trip and then get yourself a SIM card that works abroad - try supermarkets, corner shops, or a phone shop if there's one nearby. Make sure you get a SIM with internet so you have online maps, hostel bookings, and travel guides at your fingertips!

20. Water Bottle

Always carry a bottle of water to stay hydrated on the road. Most travel backpacks have a water bottle compartment so it's simple to take it when you're walking around. Not only are reusable water bottles better for the environment but they also help to save your money so that you don't need to buy a new one for another trip.

21. Coffee Mugs

Continue to do your bit for the environment while you're traveling and get yourself a reusable coffee cup. No matter you fancy a hot drink to-go from a nearby cafe, the free hostel breakfast, or the kettle from your private room, you know it will come in handy on multiple occasions throughout your trip. You can even buy collapsable coffee cups these days. Or a personalized mug is unique for your trip instead of using plastic cups everywhere you go.

Packing List Traveling to Europe

22. Eye Mask

If you're a light sleeper then we recommend bringing an eye mask. When sleeping in hostels, you would never know if you'll have a roommate in your dorm room turning the light on in the middle of the night. With an eye mask, you won't even notice. Plus, they're incredibly handy to have in your handbag for long bus or train journeys when you want to get a bit of shut-eye.

23. Earplugs

Some hostels give them out for free at reception, but just in case they don't, buy a pair (or two) of foam earplugs for the nights you'd like a decent sleep without interruption. If there's a group staying in your dorm room and making noise after a night out, you won't even hear it.

24. Reading Material, Travel Guide

You may be staying a lot on planes and trains during your travels so buy some good books to keep yourself occupied (or to save space, buy an eReader). City guides and phrasebooks are some of the necessary things on your packing list for traveling to Europe, but these can get heavy so try and control yourself to one. If you have a SIM card with data then you're sorted anyway!

25. Snack

Pack a few small snacks that will fit in your backpack and give yourself a little taste of home. Bring some of your favorite biscuits or chocolate bar - we're sure you'll really thank yourself when you're craving a bit of what you're used to. Just make sure you pack snacks that won't go out of date too quickly so you can savor them as long as you can resist!

Now you're ready with our packing list for traveling to Europe. Hope you have a great adventure!